An argument to get statists thinking

Every civilization that ever existed and that exists now has included a system in which, to quote Frederic Bastiat in “The Law,” published 1850, “The few plunder the many.” Implementing this six millennia old idea assures the same result every time, a slow but certain descent into tyranny. The USA founders tried to overcome this by implementing a historically unique mix of safeguards, but to no avail. It began well enough but president after president, in their on-going quest to satisfy and appease their constituents, to increase their power base, to augment their personal wealth, to feel powerful, and other very human motivations have, over time, degraded our society to near oblivion. There is no such thing as a political system of government that can create worldwide peace and prosperity.

But such a system exists and it has a growing number of adherents. For want of a better term I’ll just call it ‘individual sovereignty’ wherein every individual is sovereign, all interactions are voluntary and contractual, and wherein all goods and services extant today can and will be provided by profit seeking, customer-pleasing organizations in competition with all others in their space to provide its customers with the best possible experience. Whether it’s water, roads, education, infrastructure, personal protection, dispute resolution, insurance, or the local grocery store, the products offered will evolve better, faster, and cheaper at an impressive rate. That’s because when individuals are working to maximize their personal well-being, serving others well, at whatever level, is the best means to that end.

Compare that to elected politicians. Are they in office because they have a track record of providing products and services that enhance the lives of their constituents? Hardly. They get elected by projecting an image they hope voters will like linked to extensive name recognition campaigns. Politicians have only two main jobs. First is to get elected. Second is to keep getting re-elected. Everything else is incidental to those objectives. The result is obvious if you open your mind to the reality of our dilemma. If no politician can make your life better, and given their power to make arbitrary rules telling what you can do and what you can’t do, to continually find ways to plunder (tax) you more, and who pay no penalty for not doing a good job, you will get what we have, a political government that is grossly inefficient, and wherein those in that domain get paid far more than those in the profitable sector.

One organization working to create a world of sovereign individuals is the Sustainable Civilization Institute, LLC, There you can purchase Jay Snelson’s well known V-50 lectures as well as his later works, Human Action Principles (lectures) and his book, “Taming the Violence of Faith: Win-Win Solutions For Our World in Crisis.”

Here is a short, under two minute, video by one of Snelson’s very successful students, John (Jack) Pugsley regarding what attending the V-50 lectures four decades ago did for his life.