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A Guide to Overcoming Our Destructive Paradigms

We are in trouble. Our species. Our planet. Some parts less so, some more so. It’s the inevitable, ultimate failure of the tribal society. Tribal chiefs (presidents, kings, pharaohs, etc) and Witch Doctor(s) (all politicians, elected and appointed) have dominated humanity from the beginning. Our current society is a holdover from 10,000+ years ago, when we first formed groups to hunt, forage, for protection, etc. The basic form hasn’t changed in any significant way since then.

From the beginning until 1945 Humans were unable to kill themselves off as a species, although did we ever try. There have been nearly continuous wars throughout our history. First we tried sticks and stones, then bows and arrows. With increasing sophistication, military hardware and software evolved over the millennia. Even during most of WWII, with huge bombs, poison gases, automatic weaponry, aircraft, and so on, we could kill hundreds of thousands of people, but not even put a major dent in the world’s population.

Then we invented and used an atomic weapon, twice, in Japan to end the war. From that moment on we have been vulnerable to extinction. Have we changed as a species? No. We have learned enough physics to make extinction possible and our ability to do so grows daily.

In pre-history we were thousands. Now we are billions. Then we had virtually no technology nor understanding of cause and effect. We were duped to believe that everything is up to the whims of ‘gods,’ which we conjured up to explain the sources of famine, flood, fire, disease, and everything else we liked or didn’t like. We conjured up thousands of them. Society was top down tyranny then and it is top down tyranny now. But now the negative effects have become magnified to the point that they threaten our very existence.

The two biggest cons ever invented are religion and politics. Both are designed to shear the majority of the population, the so-called sheep, for the benefit of the self-appointed, or elected, shepherds.

About 300 years ago things began changing rapidly. Isaac Newton and Galileo codified the scientific method, which is the name given to the thinking process that provides correct understanding of cause and effect.

Here it is stated simply:

1. Observe. I wonder, what is the cause of what I am observing?

2. Hypothesis. I think this happens because of that.

3. Test. So if I do this will that happen as my hypothesis predicts? Try it.

4. Evaluate. Did you get the result you predicted? If so, get someone else to try it. And then more people. Are the results consistently as predicted? If so, you have discovered a predictable cause and effect. Over time, it may become a thoroughly validated hypothesis, which earns it the lofty title of theory. But if this is not the result of your experiment, start over.

It’s not fancy or hard to understand. All human progress is based on understanding the causes of effects. This is how understanding happens whether the discoverer has heard of the scientific method or not. But at the current state of our species only a tiny percentage understand this. Tiny! For at least the foreseeable future, the rest never will. They will continue to ascribe most effects to some invisible, unknowable source, for example, a god. “It’s god’s will.” “We are not meant to know.” “God moves in mysterious ways.” In other words, “I don’t have a clue so I’ll make up this mysterious cause.” The clever ones pretend they are privy to what this made up “god” wants you to do and get rich pontificating to their flock, who are sheared continuously for the clever one’s benefit. The flock will even fight, kill, and die at the whim of a so-called leader. “We must defend our tribe from the Babalookians across the river!”

But it’s all made up.

So here we are in yet another millennium, trying to get by, that is, feed, house, and clothe ourselves, keeping our heads down, while these political and religious ‘gods’ on earth enrich themselves by keeping the flocks duped.

So does it matter who is president, commissar, king, pharaoh, chairman, or whatever? No. Though the methods of control and collection vary, they all have only one or both of two components, force and fraud. The USA is a combination, trending toward more and more force.

So how can humans build a social structure that is peaceful, prosperous, and sustainable? The tribal force and fraud model must be replaced by a contractual one in which every individual is sovereign and constrained only by their contractual relationships with others. The good news is that this already exists, but it is a fluttering flame that must be understood and promulgated by teaching and example.

Where does this exist now? In all the exchanges between people involving zero interaction with states or other crooks and thugs, in other words, with zero interaction with the tribal model.

Imagine living in a society in which everything you want, food, shelter, clothing, protection, insurance, services of all kinds, are provided by others seeking to profit, in other words, to earn their own living by providing you the services you want. What must these providers do to make a good living? They must create Satisfied Customers! Why are Satisfied Customers so important? In such a society, providers will attract competition. The providers that do the best job of satisfying their customers will be the most successful. Keeping their customers satisfied will become their most important job.

What will happen in the event that someone, provider or customer, we are all both, tries to ‘scam the system’ as is rampant now?

The entire structure of a contractual civilization is based on individual reputation.

Take the current model through which we are assigned financial credit scores that are so important to our lives. What if every individual earned an ‘integrity score’ based solely on their record of delivering on all their contractual commitments, as both provider and customer? And what if those scores were easily available to anyone? That will provide anyone with whom we wish to do business instant feedback based on our lifetime record of keeping our word. The lower the score, the harder to get others to do business with you. A low enough score will make life rather dicey. “I’m sorry, your business is not welcome.”

So who will create your ‘integrity score?’ Perhaps insurance companies will have the best incentive to provide this service. They will have a vested interest in keeping their customer’s records. The higher the score the more likely their customers will continue to be contributors to the well being of society. The price of insurance of any kind will be less expensive the higher your score. In a free society there may be competing ‘score providers’ who will also have to create happy customers. The system will become much more comprehensive than it is now.

There may be other ways this can work but the bottom line for a contractual society is:
1. Every individual sovereign. Keeping your word will become Job One.
2. All interactions with others will be mutually agreeable and contractual.
3. There will be zero plunder/taxes because there will be no tribe to extract them.

If you care about getting rid of war, this is important. If you care about making a better world for yourself, your children, your grandchildren, and beyond, this is important. In fact, there is no more important subject for humans on this little blue ball that we are currently devastating.

You can do your part toward building a sustainable civilization by finding ways to interact with others without any participation by the state. Use all the tools of our ever-developing technologies. Bit by bit, piece-by-piece, we can replace the state until, finally, it disappears behind us.

Only then will we have a peaceful and prosperous existence indefinitely. Only then will we be able to explore the universe.

– David Carroll Woodward